"Unleash the Lion Within"

Jun E Caniel, Inc. is a lifestyle brand offering pieces of freedom in the form of apparel, hand-crafted jewelry & novelty items.  Our apparel features variations of our original artwork while our jewelry & novelty items (Freedom Pieces) give us another way to create & share other forms of art with you.  


Jun E Caniel challenges all to unleash the lion within by realizing their greatness and power. 

In short, "Jun E Caniel" represents the greatness inside of us.  Jun E Caniel is your ideal self, the lion within, freedom unleashed.  It is the person you aspire to be, and our mission is to help you realize who you are and live into all that Jun E greatness.  We hope to inspire humanity and invoke original thought that will be a catalyst for others to live out their dreams.  


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